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The Shared Instinct of Humanity

We play the game daily, but what is the game? Who determines the winner or loser? How is the game played? The game is exploration, friends, and we play by instinct, impulse, and whatever aspects of humanity will urge us to be or do. As long as we are breathing, pumping blood through our bodies, or given reason to doubt theories of any condition or generally understand any mysteries in our wake, we will continue playing.
A personal favorite of mine when discussing what makes us all “human” would have to be our curiosities; our need to discover and to learn; experiences and achievements at their best, yet we haven’t the foggiest as to why we as mortal men and women care so much to figure out the unknown, we just know it frightens us; being blind to it all. So what would you like to discover? What mysteries cause you to be curious most of all? Many people have tried to debate my reason to believe that all of humanity shares this similar interest, regardless of the type or personality, but if there is the slightest interest to learn, experience, or even to merely discover what kinds of luxuries or leisure we have at our disposal, we have that much more of an interest to explore our horizons; remembering that could be a motivation in itself, so awareness is key to a greater lifestyle of fulfillment; some food for thought for those lacking such things.
To discover is to complete, to complete is to achieve, but to achieve is to lust, and to lust makes room for more improvement. We as human beings; men and women everywhere, we are never satisfied with what we have done to reach the point we’re at today so we use exploration as a means for further advancement. Do you doubt me yet? Have you any reason to believe that you’re not the adventurer I’m claiming you to be? Let’s take a moment to look through your past, everyone has a moment where they had a childhood crush, an interest in a pet, or were even influenced by the enjoyment of their peers. How did you go about seeking out said interests if not by exploring your choices? There is no single human being alive who isn’t an explorer, an adventurer of sorts; thrill and excitement is crucial to living a boring, routine based lifestyle, but these things are also a cure. For example, from sexual frustration we would at times urge for intimacy, and at times, none too pretty or romantic. Among the guilty and shameful feelings of being so open or vulgar is proof in itself that an instinctual interest in discovery, exploration, and adventure exists in us all.
One question still remains in our humanity, and that’s how will we know if we’ve experienced plenty to make us feel complete, whole, satisfied, or fulfilled? My friends I tell you this with the best of faith in our own capabilities of just being men and women in the first place; we will never know, and we will always want more out of life. The most depressed people on the planet wish for a change for the better, the most fulfilled people are addicts to the thrill but may just be in control of the addiction, those who haven’t given this much thought; if they’re wiser than those before them, they will never doubt the time to step up to the cliff, and dive into the pools of adventure. 
In the end it comes down to this, we are all blind, and when we find bits and pieces of whatever truth lies before us, mocking our foolishness and ignorance, we grab hold the neck of said truths and neglect restraint in our grip, but would sooner cast that one aside simply to move onto the next that would be in waiting, mocking us further. Our paths as human beings are dark, and no light in the world can show us the way, so we take each step, one at a time, and hope that among the journey we won’t falter, trip, stumble or regret the choices between each fork. So remember that when you journey down the road to success or just wonder what else there is out there in the universe; keep an open mind about what your options to any situation are, or to simply admire what all you’ve done before any specific point in time, encouraging you to find more accomplishment in your lives.

God speed my fellow explorers, and venture cautiously with open eyes, heightened senses, and truest of wisdom and judgments.

by Daniel Travis